28 Jan

Saturday 12th January we held a PD Open Day. We have had some lovely feedback comments from patients:


May I thank and congratulate you and your colleagues for the so very successful Open Day on Saturday. The presentations were pitched at exactly the right level for the audience, and all those around me were full of praise and admiration for the obvious hard work done by all concerned. It also left us with a much better feel of the nature of the disease and of the wonderful work that dedicated staff are doing on our behalf. Brilliant Stuff !!


Please pass on our thanks to everyone involved in the open day.  It was much appreciated that the team gave up a valuable day off  to keep us in the picture with regards to your research.


May I say how interesting and stimulating the talks and presentations for the Parkinson Disease Research Clinic open day were. It was heartening to learn of the many approaches now being pursued to understand the mechanisms of the disease and of the potential for new or improved treatments, and very helpful to be able to discuss these further afterwards. A most enjoyable day!


The open day on Saturday surpassed any expectations we had of the event and it proved to be informative and positive. The spread of knowledge and awareness of the audience can prove problematic for presenters, but I think they all pitched the subject at a perfect level and my thanks to all for their presentations. A big thank you to the whole team, it really was worthwhile and it was very much appreciated, particularly as you were all given up your Saturday.