The Parkinson’s Research Clinic runs here at the Centre for Brain Repair every Thursday, and is the gateway to many of our other research studies. We have recently been focusing on recruiting individuals who have just received a new diagnosis of Parkinson’s, and we have been delighted to welcome many new participants to our research programme. We also continue to see individuals enrolled in our long-term cohort studies, including ‘PICNICS’, ‘ICICLE-PD’ and ‘Tracking Parkinson’s,’ at these Thursday clinics.  During a visit to the clinic, we collect detailed information on symptoms and problems associated with Parkinson’s, medications, and perform clinical assessments and memory assessments. We also collect blood samples which we are using in studies looking at genetic, metabolic and immune factors which might be contributing to differences in rates of disease progression between individuals. Many of our clinic participants go on to be involved in other research studies, which you can read more in the  ‘Current Studies’ section of the website.

If you have any questions regarding the Parkinson’s Research Clinic or appointments please contact Molly O’Reilly on 01223 331167