The HD Service Clinic

Prof Roger Barker is the main person that you will see in clinic along with Dr Sarah Mason. The HD clinics provides both clinical management of the disease and an opportunity for patients to be involved in ongoing research. Patients are seen by our team of experienced HD specialists including a neurologist, neuropsychologist, representative from the Huntington’s Disease Association and where relevant a psychiatrist.

Sarah also runs the Pre-Manifest clinic. This clinic is for patients that carry the HD gene but do not have any symptoms. The appointment involves questionnaires, motor assessments and more in-depth cognitive assessments.

Clinic Days: Monday and Wednesday

Appointments: Letters will be sent out automatically to you

Transport: Unfortunately, we cannot arrange this for you, you will need to go via your GP

Appointment phone number: 01223 761863

Missed Appointments: 20% of appointments are missed each clinic. We understand that sometimes appointments do need to be rearranged however, we are extremely busy with our clinics always being fully booked, so please do call up if you know you will not be able to attend.