TRANSEURO is a large multicentre European consortium of international experts whose principal aim is to develop an effective and safe treatment method for patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease using fetal cell based treatments. TRANSEURO is coordinated by Professor Roger Barker from Cambridge University and is funded by the 7th Framework Program of the European Commission, Contract number HEALTH-F5-2010-242003.#

The clinical component of the TRANSEURO study includes 2 main arms: an experimental cell transplantion trial and an observational study. 11 patients across several sites in Europe, including Cambridge, have now received transplants of dopamine-producing cells which are surgically transplanted directly into the striatum. These patients are now being closely monitored to assess whether these grafted cells survive and produce clinical benefit on Parkinson’s symptoms. The observational study continues to collect important information about the natural progression of Parkinson’s in a similar group of individuals who do not receive transplants, for comparison with the transplanted group.